The Conference Movie (2023) Netflix Review – A Swedish Slasher with Untapped Potential

Since 1974, there have been a plethora of slasher horrors released, each vying for the attention of horror enthusiasts eager for a good scare or thrill. From iconic classics like "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" and "Black Christmas" to innovative entries like "Happy Death Day" and "Nightmare On Elm Street," the genre has seen its fair share of evolution.

The Conference Movie 2023
The Conference  

However, amid the gems, some movies tend to fade into mediocrity, and The Conference Movie 2023 unfortunately falls into this category.

Unfulfilled Promise of The Conference Movie (2023) 

On paper, "The Conference Movie" appears promising. It brings a Swedish twist to a story seemingly inspired by "The Belko Experiment" and is laced with shades of vintage Edgar Wright editing. 

The film strives to compete with the heavyweights of the genre but, despite some commendable editing and a few memorable moments, it struggles to make its screenplay shine.

"The Conference Movie 2023" unfolds in the Swedish wilderness, where a team-building conference takes place among a group of closely-knit employees, with the exception of Lina, who is ostracized for taking sick leave. 

The peaceful retreat turns into a nightmarish bloodbath when a killer with a deep-seated grudge against a shopping center project set to be built on rural land goes on a rampage. Despite public opposition, the project moves forward, and as the killer picks off employees one by one, the group must fight for survival.

  • A Familiar Formula 

In the realm of slashers, the premise is relatively straightforward and reminiscent of "I Know What You Did Last Summer" in terms of setup and resolution. 

There is little ambiguity surrounding the identity of the killer, and the film follows a predictable pattern of gradually eliminating characters until the action-packed finale.

  • Underdeveloped Characters

The film attempts to inject some subplots to spice up the narrative, including Lina's ongoing conflict with her coworker Amir, who tries to make amends for past indiscretions. 

Additionally, there's the project leader Jonas, who may or may not be harboring incriminating secrets on his laptop. However, most characters remain one-dimensional, merely accompanying the main story.

While deep character development isn't expected in a slasher film, the absence of a clear focal protagonist, despite hints that it might be Lina, is somewhat surprising. "The Conference Movie" fails to establish an emotional connection with any of its characters.

The Conference Movie (2023) Netflix

Behind the Camera Brilliance in The Conference Movie (2023)

Despite its narrative shortcomings, The Conference Movie 2023 shines in terms of its filmmaking. The editing is praiseworthy, with sharp cuts between scenes executed creatively and humorously. 

For instance, when the killer strikes a victim's head with a rock, the film cleverly cuts to red sauce splashing on mashed potatoes during dinner. These moments draw inspiration from Edgar Wright's style in films like "Shaun of the Dead" and "Hot Fuzz."

  • An Unfulfilling Conclusion

Unfortunately, The Conference Movie falters in its final act, preventing it from rising above the status of a one-time watch. It serves as a decent appetizer for the horror season but is unlikely to become a cinematic favorite. This film possesses untapped potential that goes to waste.

Netflix offers a slasher flick this "Friday the 13th," inspired by the legend of the hockey-masked Jason Voorhees. Patrick Eklund's "The Conference Movie" unfolds like a blend of "Triangle of Sadness" and "I Know What You Did Last Summer." 

It features a group of mostly profit-driven capitalists facing the consequences of their actions at a work conference preceding the construction of a shopping mall on land taken from hard-working people. 

Notably, these corporate wrongdoers are hardly skilled at what they do, manipulating financial records, deceiving people about the project's details, and growing increasingly hostile toward each other.

  • A Unique Twist

One of the clever aspects of Eklund's film is that these "monsters" are not particularly competent. They falsify documents, misrepresent their intentions, and cultivate animosity amongst themselves. 

What could possibly go wrong at a corporate retreat filled with ziplines and trust exercises? As it turns out, a lot more than they could have imagined.

The Slasher Unleashed The Conference Movie (2023)

Eklund wastes no time in unleashing the film's slasher, who systematically eliminates the employees and the conference attendees, all while they grapple with infighting and Lina's efforts to uncover the truth about the stolen land during her absence. 

The slasher's mascot head adds a mix of eeriness and absurdity to the film, with its frozen expression and dark, menacing eyes.

In a crowded subgenre that often explores the hollowness of corporate motivational slogans, "The Conference Movie" distinguishes itself by combining workplace comedy and horror in an efficient manner. Eklund swiftly sets up his characters in a confined location and devises inventive ways to dispatch them one by one. 

The film's closing scenes underline how these individuals don't need a sociopath in the woods to become violent and destructive.

In conclusion, while The Conference Movie 2023 falls short of its potential, it offers a unique take on the slasher genre. With its memorable moments and impressive editing, the film is worth a watch for those seeking a fresh twist on the corporate horror subgenre

Unmasking the Bad Guy: Explaining the End of the Conference

Let's talk about the confusing ending of "The Conference." The big question is, who's the person causing all the trouble? This article is here to clear things up and tell you who the mystery villain is.

The Conference Movie (2023) Netflix
The Conference Movie (2023) - Palsson son

  • The Big Surprise

Just two days ago, the folks in the story find something interesting in the local newspaper. It turns out the bad guy is Pålsson's son. But why is he doing bad things, and why is he so angry at everyone?

  • Why He's Mad

To understand why Pålsson's son is so upset, we need to look at his family's sad story. His dad, Pålsson, was really sad and took his own life after losing his farm. Losing the farm wasn't just about money; it was about losing his pride and his way of life. This is where the revenge plan begins.

  • Getting Back at Them

Pålsson's son is very angry about what happened to his dad. He wants to make the people who caused all this trouble pay for what they did. His strong belief in making them suffer for what they did is what leads to the big, shocking ending of the conference.

  • The End Game

At the end of the story, it's clear that the people at the conference didn't know they were part of the problem. They didn't mean to hurt anyone, but their choices caused a lot of trouble.

  • Facing the Truth of The Conference movie

As the story unfolds, the characters realize that what they did had a big impact on others. They have to deal with the fact that their choices hurt someone else, and it makes them feel really bad.

  • The Lesson

The Conference movie 2023 is a story that teaches us a lesson. It shows us that what we do can affect other people, even if we don't mean it. It reminds us to be kind, think about how our choices affect others, and be more careful with our actions.

In the End of The Conference Movie (2023) Netflix 

So, in the end, we find out that Pålsson's son is the mystery bad guy. He's doing bad things because he wants revenge for what happened to his dad. This story makes us think about how our choices can hurt others, even if we don't mean it. It's a reminder that we should be more thoughtful about our actions and their consequences.

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